Family members upset by conditions at Cumberland Valley Memorial Gardens cemetery

Carlisle/West Shore

Some Midstate residents are upset about the condition of the Cumberland Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Community members went to check on their loved ones’ gravesites this weekend. 

“We miss him a lot and really just want a little bit of respect,” Georgia Motter said about her husband Dean, who died in 2014. The Carlisle resident is upset because when she visited his gravestone for his birthday this week, she found it covered in weeds and grass. 

Then she noticed, many gravestones in the cemetery looked just as bad.

“There are many of them that are sunken down in,” said Motter. “You can’t read names. You are not even certain that there is a marker there.”

Motter straightened out her husband’s gravestone and then took to Facebook. 

“I had 130 people comment on my post,” said Motter. “It was shared 96 times…everybody had the same complaints.”

Since then, Motter says some sites in the front area have been cleaned up, and the grass has been mowed.

“They didn’t even use a grass catcher, and it just blew over everybody’s flowers,” said Motter.

ABC27 reached out to the cemetery for an interview this weekend but did not hear back.

Several community members who have their family members buried there also came by Sunday to check on their gravestones.

“It’s very disturbing,” said David Gregaoire, who lives in Newville. “We all pay to get buried somewhere and we expect the grounds to be kept for our remains.”

Gregaoire bought plots for him and his wife at the gardens.

“We don’t pay like a service fee or anything every month, but we’re under the impression here that they have to maintain the ground after they purchase the plot,” said Gregaoire. 

Motter fixed up her father’s grave too. She still can’t find her grandparents’ gravesites because she thinks they they are covered by grass.

“If they could at least go around these markers once a month even,” said Motter. 

Motter said when she reached out to the cemetery, she was told to contact a corporate office, which she hasn’t heard back from. 

Last year, state Rep. Tom Caltagirone proposed legislation to help cemeteries struggling with money for maintenance by creating a Cemetery Relief Fund. That bill is stuck in committee.

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