Flinchy’s restaurant in Carlisle closing two days a week due to staffing shortage

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LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Many businesses are having to cut their hours because they can’t find enough workers. That’s the case for Flinchy’s restaurant in Cumberland County.

With some employees leaving and not enough coming in, owner Matt Flinchbaugh says he had to make the decision to close two days a week so he doesn’t overwork his staff.

Waitresses at Flinchy’s are busy, but that’s not always a good thing.

“This time last year was 10 times easier than right now,” Flinchbaugh said.

Flinchbaugh says the customers are back in full force, but he can’t find workers to wait on them.

“I can’t work people 12 hour days, 7 days a week. If I do I’ll lose all my staff,” Flinchbaugh said.

That’s why starting last week, the restaurant is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

“I mean it’s sad because this is like our launchpad. We come here a lot during the week just to chill out, beat the sun after a hard day’s work and this place is always packed Monday through Friday,” said customer Andrew Hardy.

Flinchbaugh says he’s had people wanting to be paid under the table so they can double-dip in unemployment compensation. He refuses to hire them.

“It’s sad that the industries are suffering just because the administration keeps forking out unemployment and people would just rather sit at home and not work. And I understand, I would too if I got paid to do nothing,” Hardy said.

It’s not just Flinchy’s that’s hurting.

“Dockside Willies only has the upper bar on the outside open because they can’t staff it and that’s a shame because we used to go there too,” Hardy said.

“It’s just super frustrating. Doesn’t matter what you offer, incentive-wise or anything. Nobody’s even applying for a job right now,” Flinchbaugh said.

Two weeks ago, work search requirements resumed, but those unemployed still have access to extra federal money through September.

“That’s real easy to get away with, to say you’re looking for a job number one,” Flinchbaugh said. “Until they stop giving money out, we’re not going to find help.”

One of the other problems Flinchbaugh says is he didn’t receive any money from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, so it’s hard to compete with big corporate stores paying higher wages.

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