Hampden Township residents push commissioner president to apologize for ‘Right Wing Limericks’

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Hampden Township residents came to Wednesday night’s budget workshop to demand an apology from the board of commissioners president, Al Bienstock, who hosted the web page Right Wing Limericks.

In these limericks, Bienstock uses the n-word, says President Barack Obama isn’t worth a cup of warm spit and uses stereotypical phrases about Muslims. 

“The vast majority of the feeling is that Al is not repentant about it,” commissioner candidate David Fish said.

“All we wanted was for you to disavow them and move on, and instead, you’ve dug in your heels,” township resident Maurice Reeves said.

Bienstock declined to disavow completely, saying he wrote the limericks only as political satire, not to be taken literally. 

“It’s hard for me to apologize what I thought was in the best interest, that is to say, to mock a waste of federal dollars. The offense part bothers me deeply,”  Bienstock said.

Bienstock’s best interest is others’ worst, some believe.

“A massive lack of judgment that he thinks it’s okay using the n-word six times because somebody used it once,” Fish said.

Bienstock backs his use of the word, saying he was pointing out the hypocrisy of liberal leaders like Al Sharpton and Robert Byrd using the word without any backlash.

“I’m sorry that I offended someone. That was not the intent. I used the words to convey to people that people were using despicable language,” Bienstock said.

People were also outraged by a limerick Bienstock wrote calling gay men thin and lesbians fat while poking fun at a $5 million National Institutes of Health Study that researched the correlation of weight and sexual preference.

He said his issue is wasted money. He said he would have had the same reaction if the study was researching the weight of people with a particular hair color.

“It would have been the same kind of reaction on my part. It had nothing to do with the particular group,” Bienstock said.

“We need to listen and learn from all of our community, regardless of race, color, different ability status,” commissioner candidate Ryan Argot said.

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