Iraqi War veteran in Carlisle fixes cars to deal with PTSD, works to rebuild garage after Jan. fire

Carlisle/West Shore

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Stanley Haubert used his garage in Carlisle, Cumberland County, to repair cars. He said it helped a lot with his PTSD, but a fire back in January has him focused on rebuilding in more ways than one.

“On April 4, we were ambushed in Sadr City, Iraq. And I was caught left side of the neck, shot in the right hand. Part of that is an AK-47 bullet, shot out two-thirds of my bone, and it’s all throughout there,” Haubert explained.

The Marine Corps and Army veteran has received several medals, including a purple heart — and along with it — PTSD.

A big outlet for Haubert has been working on cars for people in the Carlisle area out of his garage.

“I tinker around, build different things, modify stuff, use it as therapy,” Haubert said.

But according to Carlisle Fire and Rescue, and Haubert, a fire on Jan. 5, 2020, changed all of that.

“I was fabricating a part for a truck for a friend of mine. His fuel tank was in the garage and a spark apparently caught the tank on fire,” Haubert said. “I attempted to remove the fuel source for the garage, and it tipped over twice, and that’s what started it.”

Haubert’s daughter, Emma, was looking forward to projects with her dad prior to the fire.

“There was a lot of things in there that me and my dad were going to work on and finish together,” Emma Haubert said.

Also in the garage, several tools and a truck that was damaged, as well.

Haubert is still working with his insurance before moving forward with rebuilding.

In the meantime, he’s found other outlets for his PTSD.

“I do serve on two different worship teams, two separate churches, and I’m a deacon at one of them,” Haubert said.

But ultimately, he misses all the time he was able to spend fixing cars.

There’s a GoFundMe that’s been created to help Haubert.

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