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KKK flyers distributed in Carlisle over weekend

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) - February is Black History Month, a time to remember civil rights leaders of the past and celebrate inclusion today. 

But many neighbors in Carlisle are upset that there are people still trying to spew racist and anti-semitic rhetoric. 

Saturday afternoon, at least two people near the intersection of West South and Glendale Streets found flyers from the KKK. 

One resident says he found one on his driveway and threw it straight in the trash. 

Sgt. William Miller says you should do just that if you come across one. 

"They have freedom of speech as far as what's on the flyer. We are disappointed that that's happening and we certainly don't condone it here at the Carlisle Police Department, any type of language like that," said Miller. 

Miller believes it was someone driving around in a car, throwing them out the window. He says the flyers were found with birdseed so they would stay put when landing. 

"This is a very welcoming, very tolerant community and we're frustrated that people would be trying to start problems like this, but again, they do not represent the common opinion," said Miller. 

In a statement, Mayor Tim Scott said he is "deeply disturbed and quite frankly disappointed that we are wrestling with these issues in 2019."

While it is not a hate crime to distribute flyers, Miller says there is one thing they can do. 

"We're trying to find who exactly dropped these off so we can probably arrest them for scattering rubbish," said Miller. 

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Carlisle Police Department, or you can submit a tip online using Crimewatch.

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