Midstate man fighting COVID can now spend the New Year holiday with his family

Carlisle/West Shore

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — A Shippensburg man was now able to spend the New Year holiday with his loved ones. Late Thursday afternoon he was released from the hospital after a long fight with the COVID.

Tom Anderson was in the hospital for 36 days. He missed several holidays with his family and now says he’s happy to be home. Anderson says on the second week of November he didn’t have an appetite, then a bad cough, and that’s when things got worse.

“I was having high fevers and it was where they bring it down and then like hours later it would spike back up and I had seizures and they had to put me on a ventilator,” Anderson said.

Anderson spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his birthday in the hospital. He says it felt as if he was at death’s door.

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But as he got better Anderson says one thing that got him through, was the support of his fiancée.

“I was ready to come home, last night I couldn’t sleep I told them I was frustrated because time was going so slow but like I know one of the things I wanted, I was laying down and she came and gave me a hug and that probably meant the most to me,” Anderson said.

“It was really rough seeing him in the ICU like that just broke my heart because you just feel selfless because he’s on a ventilator he can’t talk he can’t do anything,” Chrystal Finniff said.

Anderson says the doctors recommend that he get vaccinated. “I will probably be a little bit more open in getting it I know I just gotta try to get better before I do that,” Anderson said.

A family friend started a meal train in hopes Anderson and his family will have less to spend on food and focus on getting better.

Hopefully for the next couple of months.

“He just went through a horrible battle of COVID and just to give him a relief to not have to worry about something, financially, a grocery bill it just lessens a burden,” Kari Dillman said.

“I think having support through all this stuff was one of the greatest treasures that we gotten out of this, and it’s not people we know, this is random strangers doing an act for another random stranger and you can’t beat that because that’s what love is,” Anderson said.

If you would like to donate and help with meals click here.

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