Mosquito experts on alert after rain

Carlisle/West Shore

All of the rain this week and more on the way is creating plenty of puddles and standing water that mosquitoes like to breed in, so experts are on the alert.

When there’s standing water, the crews at Cumberland County Vector Control can’t afford to stand still. Keeping mosquito populations down is the best defense against the spread of West Nile and Zika viruses.

“Within the first day that it’s actually laying there, there could be eggs laid on it, and then within one or two days of that, there could be larvae,” Marcus Snyder said. “Then, within four days of that, pupae, which is the next life stage, and then within two or three days of that, then they’re adults and they’re out ready to bite.”

Vector Control asks homeowners to patrol their yards and dump standing water every few days, and use larvicide dunks in bird baths and other hard to reach places.

“With these cooler days, they’re not as active but they’re still active and they can still breed and cause a decent amount of trouble,” said Snyder.

If enough mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus, Vector Control will begin nighttime spraying to further control the population.

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