Police chief looking for volunteers for Carlisle Youth Initiative

Carlisle/West Shore

Community leaders have been gathering ideas for the Carlisle Youth Initiative for the last few months. At the Project Share Farmstand on Wednesday, they put together a game plan.

“My parents always raised me to say, ‘okay you can feel good about yourself, you can believe in yourself, you can do anything,’ ” said Jonathan Brown, a Carlisle resident. “For a lot of my friends, that wasn’t there. That was one of my biggest frustrations.”

That’s what brought Brown to the Carlisle Youth Initiative meeting.

“This might be an opportunity for me to help fix that,” said Brown.

The initiative was started by Carlisle police Chief Taro Landis in an effort to help kids and young adults succeed in education, development, and employment.

“Our adults need to step up and help our youth,” said Landis. “Our main goal is to help our youth become better citizens.”

The effort is all volunteer and involves multiple local organizations. Part of the program is raising awareness about services already available. 

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here,” said Landis. “We’re trying to bring people to services that already exist.”

Community members learned about the initiative’s four committees: mentoring, information sharing, application assistance, and scholarships. 

The chief is looking for adults to help kids achieve their potential and develop their confidence.

“If anybody can, if you have time, or you don’t have time, just do it,” said Landis.

“Once I heard what’s going on here and what this is all about, it’s something that just arose in my heart,” said Brown.

Click here to learn how to get involved in the initiative.

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