Police: Woman falsely accused ex’s new girlfriend of sex trafficking

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A Midstate woman is behind bars after police say she falsely accused another woman of child sex trafficking.

Tanya Greiman, 59, was arrested Thursday and charged with felony interfering with the custody of a child, harassment, and stalking.

“She said that a gentleman was having sex with these underage girls for rent money,” Mt. Holly Springs police Detective Andrew Wolfe said.

But that was all an elaborate story, Wolfe says, concocted by Greiman as revenge.

“Turns out that it was her boyfriend of 29 years who broke up with her on Sunday,” he said.

Wolfe says soon after the break-up, Greiman made those false claims, reporting that her ex’s new girlfriend was trafficking her own daughters.

“[Greiman] was trying to interfere with the mom’s legal right to be a parent, the mom’s legal right to have custody of her children,” said Wolfe. “It puts children in the middle of nonsense. It’s nonsense.”

Police investigated with Children and Youth Services and found holes in Greiman’s story.

After agreeing to an interview, police say she confessed to the false reports, telling officers she was “f**king furious” and did it to hurt the other woman and her daughters.

Police say Greiman’s attack on the kids didn’t end there.

“Following them to the bus stop, watching them get on the bus, yelling at them, placing notes on their doors, calling their mother names,” Wolfe said. “What we charged her with was a section in interfering with custody of children, which is now a felony.”

The stronger law enabled law enforcement to levy a harsher punishment. 

Cumberland County District Attorney Skip Ebert says he’s seen children used as pawns before, but not like this.

“[Greiman’s] talking about human trafficking and that the children were being sexually abused by the man who had left her – never seen that before,” Ebert said, adding that Greiman’s alleged stalking of the two young girls was what he found most disturbing.

“Waiting for a 13- and 15-year-old to come out of the apartment,” he read from the affidavit of probable cause, “yelling just terrible obscenities – ‘your mother is a whore’ – that’s over the top!”

Beyond the uncomfortable questions and examinations the young girls had to go through – and now meaningless CYS investigation – Wolfe is upset law enforcement was used.

“There’s other crimes we could have been investigating at that time instead of wasting our time,” he said.

Police have also charged Greiman with harassment and stalking, in addition to that felony charge of interfering with child custody.

Greiman is in Cumberland County Prison on $15,000 bail. 

A preliminary hearing is set for April 10.

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