Quiet Cumberland County neighborhood disturbed by shed burglaries

Carlisle/West Shore

Police are investigating a series of shed burglaries in Cumberland County.

Investigators say lawn and garden power equipment was stolen in the Rosegarden Development in Upper Allen Township. 

Bonnie Alford remembers seeing a stranger in her backyard.

“It was an eerie-feeling for sure,” said Alford, who lives in Upper Allen Township. “I thought maybe it was the neighbor, and then all of the sudden he sort of stooped down and went over the hill.”

“My neighbor over here actually texted me and let me know his shed was broken into,” said Jim Metcalf, who lives in the development. “It’s disappointing.”

There are no suspects yet, but police are reviewing footage from home security cameras.

Pennsylvania is in the middle of an opioid epidemic, and Chief James Adams says many thefts are linked to addiction. 

“People steal things that they readily convert to cash,” Adams said. “When they have the cash, then they use that to fuel their addiction.”

The chief says this is a crime of opportunity, and everyone needs to remember to lock their sheds, homes, and cars.

“Lighting is one of the cheapest things for security around a home,” Adams said. “Motion sensor floodlights come on when they sense motion. Also, cameras have become very inexpensive. Trail cams, a lot of them have a lot of good night vision qualities.”

Many neighbors say they still feel safe but are uncomfortable that someone is lurking around their property.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Timothy Rowe, who lives in the township. “I don’t like people snooping around at night, coming near my house with my family.”

If you know anything about the burglaries or see anything suspicious, police want you to give them a call. 

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