Rezoning vote brings Cumberland County one step closer to selling Claremont Nursing Home

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CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — The fight to stop the sale of the Claremont Nursing Home took a hit on Wednesday night.

Middlesex Township supervisors voted to rezone some land which includes the property that the Claremont Nursing Home is on. That move allows Cumberland County to eventually sell the home to private owners if they choose.

County commissioners have said they want to sell the home because it is losing the county money.

A group called ‘Citizens Saving Claremont’ has been fighting that sale because they believe moving it from county ownership to private ownership will decrease the quality of care at the home.

Morgan Plant is one of the people in the group.

“We do not think the sale of Claremont is in the interest of the citizens of Cumberland County and If there is any way that we can impede that we will,” Plant said.

Many people who agree with her showed up at the Middlesex Township meeting on Wednesday night, to ask supervisors not to approve the rezoning that Cumberland County requested.

Middlesex Township supervisor Don Geistwhite was frustrated by those public speakers.

“We don’t get involved in selling the county home. And I’ve got to tell you, I’m upset that we got drug into this,” Geistwhite said. “We don’t have anything to do with the sale of the county home. It just happens to be in our municipality. We try to do what’s in the best interest of our township.”

Cumberland County Director of Planning Kirk Stoner said the supervisors’ vote to approve the rezoning is an entirely separate issue than the sale of the home.

Rezoning does get the county one step closer to selling the home if they want to though.

“In the future, it keeps the options open for Cumberland County if they choose to sell the nursing home in the future. It’s a better match between the zoning district and the land uses that are out there,” Stoner said. “It provides better flexibility for Cumberland County or another use in the future. It’s just simply better planning.”

Those involved in the fight to sell say they aren’t giving up.

“This isn’t over until the check clears. And we’re going to keep fighting until that happens,” Plant said.

There are still several more steps before any sale is finalized. That decision is ultimately up to Cumberland County Commissioners.

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