Semoff’s Barber Shop turns 90

Carlisle/West Shore

Clients have been warmly welcomed for nine decades at Semoff’s Barber Shop. 

Evan Semoff’s dad, a Bulgarian immigrant, opened the shop in 1928 and in 1956 pulled his son out of geometry class and into a career. 

It’s hard to get your head around how many heads Evan has walked around.

“In the course of my lifetime, probably close to a couple hundred thousand,” Evan Semoff said. 

Evan’s youngest son Chris runs the shop. Evan’s grandson Zach, the fourth generation, has taken up the family business. 

Semoff’s is like Cheers without the beers and it’s not just a boys club.

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” said Tasha Bare, who works at the barbershop.

Bare has been cutting hair for a decade.

“My grandpa’s come here and got his hair cut by Mr. Semoff and Christopher,” said Bare. 

The clientele is old and young with a sweet marketing strategy.

“On Saturdays, we get a big batch of donuts and that’s when all the kids come in. That’s the future when all the kids come into a barbershop. That’s good. They’re gonna grow up and bring their kids in, too,” said Scott Sullivan, a worker at the barbershop.
Of all the years, the Semoffs said the 70s was the most challenging decade. Long hair was in and haircuts were not.

Chris said any barbershop that survived the 70s was going to have staying power. He said high and tight buzz cuts are once again popular.

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