PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WHTM) — The Chambersburg pilot from a helicopter crash near an Upper Darby church was released from the hospital on Sunday, Jan 16.

Daniel Moore was released from the Penn Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia. Several first responders were in salute as he was carried out on a stretcher. He saved a total of four lives when his chopper went down while transferring an infant.

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Moore spoke to Good Morning America on Jan. 17. He brushed aside claims that he was the hero.

“I feel like I pretty much facilitate the heroes in the back working on patients, “Moore said on Good Morning America. “The things that my crew did after we crashed, post-crash to me were amazing. I was just a lump on the ground. and they were taking care of me.”

The flight was heading to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Moore says he doesn’t remember much.

“I do remember flying in. It was beautiful. The next thing I remember is this being on the cold ground,” Moore said.

No one was seriously injured. Neither on the helicopter nor on the ground. The 27-year veteran pilot says he is just thankful to see another day.

“Part of the frustration is not being able to remember is I can’t sit back and Monday morning and quarterback myself and nitpick all the things I did wrong,” Moore said.

He says that on that day, he had God as his co-pilot. Despite his protests, he got a hero’s send-off from the hospital.