Complaint filed against State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe


State Rep.Daryl Metcalfe is not mincing words on social media on Friday, “Another lying Philadelphia Democrat legislator attacking me this week with the help of the media.” It seems to be aimed at Representative Chris Rabb after an encounter the last two had after a meeting of the  House State Government Committee last week.

“So, before I left, he said this would be a very different discussion, a very different conversation, in the street. And I looked at him, because I thought I was just threatened,” said Rep. Rabb. 

Rabb says Metcalfe has a reputation as carrying a gun on the House floor. “In light of recent events about gun brandishing members of the state legislature, I felt, why not air on the side of caution,” says Rabb.

Rabb filed a formal complaint to the Chief Clerk and Head of Security. House GOP spokesperson Steve Miskin said he believes Rabb was looking to stoke controversy, and the issue was blown of proportion.

But the Facebook rant didn’t end there. Metcalfe saying, “I block all substantive Democratic legislation sent to my committee.” He also went after other Democratic House members saying, “touchy, feely Rep. Matt Bradford has touched me over 40 times.” That references an exchange between Metcalfe and fellow Rep. Brian Sims where Metcalfe said, “I don’t like men, as you might. But, stop touching me.”

Metcalfe went after Sims, saying “Lying homosexual Rep. Brian Sims” who is the first openly gay elected lawmaker in state history. 

“Why someone’s sexual orientation has anything to do about what occurred between the two of us, tells you the type of character, or lack of character, that this person has,” said Sims.

We reached out to Rep. Metcalfe’s office and have not heard back. 

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