Cumberland County township split into 2 congressional districts

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) - Pennsylvania's new congressional map has led to new challenges for voters.

"There is going to be a different process this year for our voters in North Middleton Township," said Rachel Bryson, Cumberland County's communications director.

Under the new congressional map, North Middleton Township is split into two districts, chopping the area into districts 10 and 13.

"After the redistricting map came out, our bureau of elections immediately got to work at looking at how our voters are voting for the correct individuals," said Bryson.

Voters in the township will have to go through additional verification to make sure they are voting in the correct district.

"When they enter the polls to vote, there will be an initial check-in where we take their name and then put them in the correct congressional district voting line and at that point, they'll vote as normal," said Bryson.

The additional step will only impact people voting at North Middleton Fire Company 1 and 2. The county asks voters to give themselves extra time for this process.

The Pennsylvania primary is May 15.

For a sample ballot in your area, go to https://vote-pa.org/forVoters.aspx?State=PA


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