DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Continuing to oppose a toll on the I-83 South Bridge in Harrisburg, Dauphin County commissioners met with Governor Tom Wolf’s office on Thursday, April 21.

As previously reported by abc27, PennDOT proposed tolls on several bridges to pay for replacing or preparing the, but in a unanimous resolution back in March, commissioners said it is the wrong move.

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PennDOT proposed the toll in 2021 to pay for replacing the bridge between Dauphin and Cumberland counties, a project that could cost between $600 and $800 million. Officials said it would create congestion on other routes as people try and avoid the toll, and it could discourage people from crossing at all.

Commissioners were joined in March in their opposition by state and city officials, who said a toll is unfair to commuters already dealing with inflation and rising gas prices.

“Our residents can’t afford it, our employees can’t afford it and businesses can’t afford it,” said Mike Pries, a Dauphin County commissioner.

PennDOT, however, said a toll would be a steady source of funding. Right now, they rely heavily on gas tax revenue, and they said they are receiving $10 to $15 million less in revenue every month.

Commissioners and state legislators recognized the need to replace the bridge but said a toll is the wrong approach. The I-83 South Bridge is one of nine across the state that would be tolled. The proposed toll would be between one to two dollars.

In March, the commissioners passed a resolution opposing PennDOT’s proposed plans. On Thursday, they sat down with Governor Wolf to share the concerns that residents have.

“We made very clear our opposition to tolling of the I-83 bridge and the message we’ve been hearing from our constituents has been loud and clear that there’s a lot of concern about what the traffic and side-streets and bridges, the impact it would have on our quality of life here. But we also understand the need to do something about that bridge. It needs to be repaired and so we agreed to have further discussions on this matter and continue to have a dialogue and look for solutions,” said Chad Saylor, a Dauphin County commissioner.

Several municipalities in Cumberland county along with West Hanover Township in Dauphin County filed a lawsuit with the commonwealth court against PennDOT to prevent tolling on the bridge.