DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Officials in Dauphin County say they are seeing an alarming number of overdoses among children, and addressing the problem has become a top priority.

Four young children overdosed in Dauphin County in March and April, and in one of those incidents, an 11-year-old did not survive.

During Tuesday’s State of Dauphin County meeting, the commissioners talked about a wide variety of pressing issues, including those overdoses. No details were given at the meeting on the surviving childrens’ conditions, and the investigations into the incidents are ongoing.

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Dauphin County Commissioner George Hartwick said there was a fifth incident, but it has not been confirmed an overdose. All three county commissioners say there is a problem, and they are looking for solutions.

Hartwick said what happened is a clear indication that some of the money coming to Pennsylvania from the opioid settlement needs to be used to address the problem.

“The $26 billion settlement between the four distributors and Johnson and Johnson — the entire state of Pennsylvania has been uniform in now signing off on the approach where 70% of those resources are going to be coming back to counties across the commonwealth,” Hartwick said.

“We believe that there’s a real opportunity where there are challenges. I think there is an opportunity to be able to collaborate and coordinate a strategy to be able to combat the epidemic of these opioid and fentanyl deaths,” said Hartwick.