Doctor says that people who suffer from seasonal allergies can minimize their discomfort


Dr. Robert Zuckerman specializes in helping people of all ages who suffer from allergies, and he says he helps a lot of patients during spring and summer.

“Allergy season really begins with tree pollen season which starts at the end of February,” said Zuckerman. “That is when you start to see the buds on the trees that produce the pollen.”

Zuckerman says the over-the-counter medications help about 90 percent of those who suffer from seasonal allergies, but he suggests that people need to do more to help themselves, including avoiding taking walks during the morning hours when the pollen counts are highest.

“People should keep their windows shut,” said Zuckerman, “I recommend running the air conditioning.” 

Zuckerman says it’s important for pet owners to wipe down their dogs and cats when they come back inside the house during allergy season.

“They will become coated with pollen, so you do want to wipe them down when they come in because they will bring the things that you are allergic to in, and if they jump on your bed, you will be suffering all night long,” Zuckerman said.

Zuckerman says mold also creates problems for a lot of his patients, and he encourages people who continue to suffer severe symptoms to consult a physician.

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