Dog bitten by possible rattlesnake


Just a few feet from his house, Ronnie Ney walks his 2-and-a-half year-old Yorkie, Moe every night, but last night was different. 

“Probably about 15 feet ahead, I saw that I thought was a stick,” said Ney. “i heard him squeal and scream, and he came running back to me then.”

Running back with a bite mark on his face, Ronnie almost certain it was from a rattlesnake after hearing neighbor accounts of multiple sightings and seeing one coiled up on his run just down the road. 

With not much time, Ronnie jumped into action, taking Moe to a local animal hospital. 

“He kept dozing off and foaming so I was trying to keep him awake I was lifting his head talking to him,” said Ney.

Because of Moe’s small stature, the venom was spreading fast, but Dr. Benner has had much experience treating snake bites. 

“There in a lot of pain excruciating amount of pain because there’s a lot of tissue distraction around the bite wound,” said Dr. Debra Benner, Veterinarian with Shores Veterinary Emergency Center. 

Moe, now in stable condition, and being treated with his second vile of anti-venom has a long road ahead of him.

Although Dr. Benner says recent cases were caused by a copperhead snake, the excess rain has caused saturation, driving them out of their nesting sites, and right into busy neighborhoods. 

“There are kids here around here all the time people waiting at the bus stop just at this corner here,” said Ney. 

Dr. Benner says scanning the area before coming outside is a good idea. 

As for Moe, doctors are waiting for the swelling and infection to be under control before he can go home. 

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