Elementary schoolers surprised by seniors with playground upgrades


A playground is arguably one of a kid’s favorite places.

“The slide is one of my favorite things to play with on the playground,” said Noah Kramer, a 1st grader at Newport Elementary School.

“You get to do a lot of things on it, and there are a lot of activities you can do,” said Noah’s sister, 2nd grader Reagan Kramer.

The seniors at Newport High School realized something could be done to improve that experience at the elementary school, just down the road. 

“Why don’t for our class present, we just redo the whole playground just to give it something else,” said senior Charles Ebling.

The soon to be grads gave up the past couple weekends to put new paint on the walls. And it all has a message.

“My message is, you are kind. You are brave. You are amazing,” said Ebling.

The previous paintings around the playground were old and chipping away.

“It was probably about twenty years old. There was a ship, so there were a lot of sea animals, lots of windows, some sky scene in the back,” said Graduation Coordinator Carla Ebling.

And since a lot of the work was covered up, it was a surprise for most of the elementary schoolers, when it was all unveiled Tuesday.

“It made me feel thankful, because they were doing this for us,” said Reagan Kramer.

“Hopefully it will give them inspiration on giving back in the future,” said Charles Ebling.

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