LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Organizations across the Midstate are raising money for Ukraine, but the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center is focusing on more than just the people.

The two women who partnered with Raven Ridge Wildlife Center to host this unique fundraiser are both Ukrainian. They said they are certainly worried about their family and friends, but it’s not their only concern.

The war in Ukraine was a shock for friends Tetyana Hershey and Olena Rowe.

“When the war started, we reached out to each other and got together and hug and cry,” Hershey said. “What can we do, how can we help people in Ukraine?”

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Both women have families in the country.

“My hometown called Kherson, it’s the first town that got occupied,” Hershey said.

It has become an achingly familiar story.

“Sometimes I don’t hear from them for three, four days, and it’s really hard and difficult because you’re just not sure if they’re alive,” Hershey said.

Rowe said of her family, “They are refusing to leave as well because they just love Ukraine so much.”

The two women started brainstorming.

“Our goal is to help people actually that [are] staying in Ukraine because there’s a lot of people that can’t leave the country,” Hershey said.

With the help of their friends and volunteers, they put together a fundraiser Sunday at the Hertzog Homestead in Lancaster County. They had plenty of ways to raise money: donation jars, a silent auction, and Ukrainian food and music

However, the money is not just going to the people of Ukraine.

“A lot of people said, ‘You know, I never really thought about the animals,'” Raven Ridge Wildlife Center director Tracie Young said.

Hershey and Rowe are working with Young and Raven Ridge to help pets and other animals impacted by the war.

“The animals need medical supplies, food,” Young said.

Rowe said, “I cry every time I see anything about it.” Hershey added, “And it’s pets, it’s zoo animals, wildlife animals.”

Young said it is especially difficult for zoos, farmers, and wildlife rehabilitators in Ukraine.

“They have so many animals that they’re not able to leave or they’re in a place where they can’t leave, but they need supplies sent to them,” she said.

For Rowe and Hershey, this is still a crisis, but the support they received has been even more than they expected.

“Different people reach out to us, how we can help, and it’s beautiful,” Rowe said.

Ten percent of the money raised will go to animals in Ukraine. Hershey, Rowe, and Young are working with churches and animal organizations like UAnimals in the country to help distribute the money.

There are still more opportunities to donate. Raven Ridge has set up a GoFundMe page on behalf of their efforts and Hershey and Rowe’s fundraiser. You can find the GoFundMe page by searching for “A day for Ukraine GoFundMe Raven Ridge.”