Gov. Wolf establishes PFAS Action Team


Governor Wolf announcing a multi-agency task force to address what is called PFAS being found in water. 

It’s a substance that has become a growing concern across the country.

“We can never take safe drinking water for granted. We have to fight to make sure that we protect,” said Sen. Gary Peters, (D) Michigan.

PFAS is a man-made chemical used in many products, including firefighting foams, often used at manufacturing facilities, airports, and military bases. 

U.S. Senator Gary Peters is now trying to include a provision in the 2019 defense bill, encouraging the Defense Department to use foam without the chemical. 

“We’re now seeing more and more instances where this PFAS is getting into drinking water, contaminating it, and people are suffering as a result of that,” said Sen. Peters.

The chemicals, which have been linked to a number of health issues, including cancer have been found at 11 sites in Pennsylvania, prompting Governor Wolf to form the PFAS Action Team to help identify and eliminate the sources of contamination, and ensure drinking water is safe. 

“The action the Governor is taking today is directed to ensure that the state is really doing all that it can to address this contamination and address the concerns that residents may have,” said Sam Robinson, Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office. 

The Governor also wrote a letter to EPA officials, encouraging the establishment of national safe drinking water standards for PFAS. He’s also looking to hire a state toxicologist.

“To address risks from PFAS contamination. We’re making sure that drinking water throughout the state is safe for residents to drink,” said Robinson. 

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