Gov. Wolf shares second-term outlook


In less than 24 hours, Tom Wolf will take the oath of office to begin his second term as Pennsylvania’s top executive. 

“Well, I want to continue to protect education. Access to health care. I want to continue to fight the opioid epidemic. Continue to build jobs in Pennsylvania,” said Gov. Wolf. 

Other issues the Governor looks to tackle include making voting easier in the state, and expanding ethics reforms. 

“I have a gift ban in the executive branch. I want to try to extend that through the state government, so that people trust the government that serves them,” said Gov. Wolf. 

A full slate of challenges that lie ahead of him. It could be all the more challenging for the Democrat after Republicans kept majorities in the State House and Senate in November’s election.

“We all want to make Pennsylvania better, I don’t care what your party is. And I think we’ll continue to look for areas where we can work together,” said Gov. Wolf. 

Looking back on the previous four years, Governor Wolf  points to accomplishments like education investments, expanding Medicaid, and job creation in the state. 

When it comes to failures, he’s quick to bring up the lack of a severance tax. 

 “We’re the only major natural gas producing state in the country without a severance tax. So, that’s something, there’s work to be done,” said Gov. Wolf. 

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