Group works with Catholic dioceses to train mandated reporters


Angela Liddle is the president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance. She was horrified by some of the stories shared in the recently released grand jury report on clergy abuse.

“I’ve done this for 30 years,” Liddle said. “You think you’ve seen it all and you’ve heard it all, but it’s the sheer magnitude of this report, the scope of the abuse.”

Many of the dioceses in the report work with PFSA, including Scranton and Pittsburgh.

“In the Pittsburgh diocese, they use PFSA exclusively for training their mandated reporters on how to recognize and report child abuse,” Liddle said.

A mandated reporter is anyone who works closely with children, including members of the clergy. PFSA has a contract with the Department of Human Services to train those reporters.

Liddle stresses the importance of reporting those crimes. The grand jury found church officials covered up decades of abuse.

“It happened because the church acted and behaved as if it was above the law,” she said.

And while many Pennsylvania dioceses are turning to outside help, Liddle says others are still hesitant.

“Change is hard, but I think with the magnitude of what we’ve seen and heard this week, the public should absolutely be demanding change,” she said.

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