Gun bills advance in Pennsylvania House

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - A House committee has approved a package of bills to help police and families prevent suicides and gun violence.

The Judiciary Committee sent five bills to the full House on Tuesday.

One of the proposals, House Bill 2060, would require people convicted of domestic violence to surrender their firearms within 48 hours, instead of 60 days. The guns would have to be turned over to law enforcement, an authorized gun dealer, or an attorney - not to a family member or friend.

House Bill 2227 would temporarily take away a person's right to buy or own guns when they've been deemed a danger to themselves or others. Police and family members could seek an extreme risk protection order, similar to a protection from abuse order, for three months up to a year.

Another proposal sent the floor, House Bill 2275, would expand the list of serious crimes that prohibit gun possession to include people who attempted, conspired, or solicited someone else to commit the crimes.

House Bill 2463 would make changes to the gun rights of people who had an involuntary mental health treatment, including reducing the ban on firearm possession from a lifetime to six months.

Under House Bill 273, people could choose to sign up for a program that bars them from buying guns, and they could voluntarily surrender their guns to state police for safekeeping.

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