$2 million PennDOT loan to improve Allison Hill infrastructure


Harrisburg roads aren’t exactly the crown jewel of the city.

“If you’ve taken any time to drive in the city, for those who live here, you know how bad some of the streets are,” said Ben Allatt, city council vice president and chair of budget and finance. 

To help reverse the damage, a $2 million loan from PennDOT’s infrastructure bank will target South Harrisburg and Allison Hill. 

 “Overall, infrastructure has taken a hit. There were not appropriated funds for a long time to provide the necessary maintenance for streets, so they have really been in dire need of repair,” Allatt said.

The project will finally get streets and sidewalks up to speed with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

“Right now, the huge project in the city is the Third Street Corridor project, which, the same thing is happening there. We’ve had different projects that are going across central Allison Hill, so you’ll see things like this happening all across the city,” Allatt said. 

Taxpayers will chip away at the $2 million loan over a 10-year period. Allatt said getting the money from the state allowed them to receive the lowest interest rate possible. 

“The way the loan was set up was to make it appealing to the community to take part in it, so it’s not really a significant hit to the community to take this loan,” Allatt said. 

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