3 abandoned homes collapse in 1 day in Harrisburg


It wasn’t the first time this row home collapsed, but it definitely was the worst. 

“I heard two big booms and when I looked out towards the side, I literally saw the whole thing cave right in,” said Alton Korzendurfer, who lives next door to the collapsed building.

Not only is the infrastructure crumbling and dangerous, but neighbors say the abandoned property has been treated like a junkyard. 

“I had cleared out 32 30 gallon trash bags of trash out of that yard,” said Korzendurfer. 

Kymm Myers has been trying to get the building demolished for 8 years. She says it’s been a safe haven for rodents. 

 “I counted that 26 mice came out of that yard just in one night,” said Myers. 

After the collapse, the fire department told Kymm what she already knew, the building was unsafe. She also knows the owners live in New York City, but she and her neighbors aren’t letting the capitol city off the hook. 

“You want this city to come around? Then you can’t make excuses, ‘well, they’re in New York. There’s nothing we can do.’ Yes, you can. This is your city,” said Myers. 

“I pretty much got a run-around. ‘well, you know there’s really nothing we can do,” said Korzendurfer. 

Myers wrote a letter to the building’s owner and go no response. In her conversations with city officials, she’s gotten little response. But after this collapse, she’ll be ignored no longer. 

“I’m tired of watching our community go down and our taxes go up more,” said Myers. 

No one was hurt, this time. But tragedy may be as close as the next storm. 

 “If there’s children, if there’s people walking on the sidewalk, cars, it’s gonna be a catastrophe like you would not believe,” said Korzendurfer. 

We did reach out to the mayor’s office and the city code administrator for comment, but were unable to reach anyone.

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