Business owner devastated by wall collapse refuses to cave, feeds homeless


Howard Henry’s life collapsed the moment a wall gave way and wiped out his tire business three years ago.

He could have faded into the background and cut his losses, but he decided to step into the spotlight with an open heart and a warm meal. 

“Great big things happen with a little bit of time,” Henry said.

Henry has time since losing his business in May 2016. He bought the place in bad condition and was ready to make difference. 

“It was filled with needles and feces and it smelled terrible, and it was scary, so I pushed the front entrance down with a skid loader and a gravel bucket,” Henry said. 

He didn’t realize he was bulldozing a safe haven for Harrisburg’s homeless. Months later, after a sleepless night in November, he realized what he needed to do. 

“I went and gathered up palettes that I knew could be burned and I grabbed some food and water from Walmart, and I showed up at their camp and said, ‘you guys, I didn’t understand,” Henry said. 

Now, Henry gets it. He holds holiday dinners for the homeless, including Thursday night’s Valentine special. 

“I didn’t want a calamity to be my legacy. My legacy is my heart,” he said. 

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