Community fed up with stray cats roaming free


There’s a feline frenzy in a Swatara Township neighborhood.

Residents of Enhaut say nuisance cats have been a problem for the better part of a decade.

“You dump a lot of money into your house and you got cats running around, urinating, defecating all over the place,” said Harry Nicholson, who called abc27 after he says no other avenue of help was working.

“There’s well over 200-plus cats up there,” he said. “They’re all inter-breeding.”

Residents of the neighborhood say the cats all stem from one home. The owner did work agreeably with the nonprofit Steelton Community Cats years ago to trap, spay or neuter and then release his animals.

But neighbors say that practice has now stopped.

“He had a problem with the ears being clipped, and he didn’t want anybody trapping his cats no more,” Nicholson said.

Since the end of that effort to curb cat breeding, resident Dawn Raab says it’s been nonstop problems.

“The males spray your furniture. I have come home and the smell of cat urine on my front porch has been so strong you couldn’t stand it,” said Raab, who considers herself a cat lover. “They lay on your cars, scratch your cars.”

Frederick Flury says the cat craze got worse last winter.

“They use the mulch as kitty litter,” said Flury. “I’m concerned about what the potential health risk is with these wild cats if they would bite you.”

Steelton Community Cats says volunteers are limited so they are hoping to train neighbors to set traps and turn cats in to be treated.

“I’m tired of setting traps, I don’t wanna set traps for nobody,” Nicholson pushed back. “I live here, I pay my taxes, I don’t have to set traps.”

Neighbors want the township to step in.

“I don’t expect that when I walk out of my fenced in area that I would be stepping in feces, but I do,” Raab said. “If they’re your animals and you love them, take care of them.”

abc27 reached out to the Harrisburg Area Humane Society for comment on who is responsible for caring for the stray cats but did not immediately hear back. 

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