Derry Township police add ghost car to fleet


You definitely should not run and you won’t be able to hide from the Derry Township Police Department’s ghost car.

The SUV has the department’s decal, but it’s barely visible during the day. Officers hope the vehicle will give them a leg-up against speed demons and traffic violators. 

“Everything is within the body line, whether it’s mounted within the lighting system, behind the windows,” police Chief Garth Warner said.

Although it may seem like a cheap way to write expensive tickets, officers said they have a good reason for going incognito: the opioid crisis. 

“That’s the biggest focus these days: for our officers to be able to detect folks that not might be drunk on alcohol but impaired through controlled substances,” police Lt. Tim Roche said. 

Warner admits he may be giving up the ghost by publicizing the car, but he said transparency is key. 

“We want people to be informed of what we’re doing. Are we giving our hand away to a certain extent? Yes, but that’s all part of what we do,” he said. 

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