Flipped: Incumbents unseated from Harrisburg school board


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – At first it was a wish, but then it became a reality. 

All five incumbents in the Harrisburg School District were unseated by fresh faces on Tuesday night. 

Democrats James Thompson, Jayne Buchwach, Gerald Welch, Steven Williams, and Doug Thompson Leader were elected to the board. 

During the campaign trail, all five of the board director-elects were vocal about the troubles of the school district and their lack of faith in the current administration. 

Board Director-elect Buchwach is one of the founding members of Concerned About the Children of Harrisburg, or CATCH, which started as a grassroots advocacy group for children in the district. She said she was motivated to do more after she felt like the board was rejecting their help. 

“They shut us down, and they were one step away from calling us a terrorist group. We’re not. They put us in the adversarial position,” Buchwach said. 

“Nothing was improving. Everything was getting worse, and I think once I really learned about that graduation rate I thought, ‘enough is enough. Somebody really has to speak up,” Welch said. 

The board director elects will take office in December. 

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