Harrisburg Jedis support healthcare workers at war with pandemic


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Your focus determines your reality, and for a group of Jedis in Harrisburg on Monday, that focus was making sure healthcare workers at UPMC Pinnacle know they were supported on Star Wars’ biggest day.

The Capital City Jedi Knights were supposed to perform at the Phillies game for their May the Fourth celebration, but coronavirus had other plans.

Instead of sitting around sulking, they got a vision from the force.

“A lot of what Star Wars is about is the light versus the dark, and you know in that paradigm, the healthcare workers are very much the light,” said Jonathan Clark, head of the council for Capital City Jedi Knights.

They have names.

“I go by Malcom Toll when I’m in this,” said Nick Marquette, Capital City Jedi Knights member.

They have stories. 

“He was a Jedi knight during the Clone Wars, and actually survived Order 66 and has been on the run from the Empire ever since,” Marquette said.

Most of all, they have heart. 

‘We just want to show — kind of — a glimmer of hope in the rough times right now,” Marquette said.

May 4 has long been hailed as Star Wars day for it’s closeness to the catchphrase, “May the Force Be With You.”

“To us, it means a lot. It’s our big day. This is a franchise that has gone on for 40 years,” Marquette said.

It’s a big day they wanted to share with healthcare heroes. They are our light in the dark — our only hope.  

“In essence, almost sacrificing themselves to help others, which is very much what the Jedi or light side does in Star Wars,” Clark said.

There are moments in time when the dark side had one up on the light and it looked hopeless — but these Jedis believe our heroes will win, and if you don’t agree?

Well, they find your lack of faith quite disturbing. 

“We appreciate everything you guys are doing for us. Please hang in there, and we understand the struggle that you guys are going through,” Marquette said.

“May the force be with them,” Clark said.

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