Harrisburg man sentenced in cocaine, gun case


A Harrisburg man will serve 7 to 20 years in state prison after a jury convicted him of gun and drug charges. 

Authorities say on March 31, 2017, state police searched a home in the 3800 block of Crooked Hill Road in Susquehanna Township.

In the home, they found a kilogram of cocaine, numerous firearms, a money counter, and ballistic vests. 

On August 17, Ortiz-Cruz was convicted of an illegal firearm possession based on a prior conviction, and also for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. 

Prosecutors asked the court run Ortiz-Cruz’s sentences consecutively to give him more time behind bars. 

The court sentenced him to the statutory maximum permitted for both counts: 20 years. 

Prosecutors argued the large amount of cocaine and the firearms and ballistic vests were all indicative of a complex and potentially violent drug plan.

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