Harrisburg protest remains peaceful Sunday


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Another rally was held at the capitol just one day after Saturday’s protest turned violent.

The message from Saturday’s protest remains the same but the scene looked a lot different on Sunday, but where protesters have lacked in yesterday’s numbers, they make up with passion.

The most notable difference from yesterday is that very few police officers have been out.
This is a huge departure from Saturday’s event where pepper spray was deployed, bottles were thrown at police, and riot gear was used.

Sunday, protesters have spent most of the day passing around a megaphone sharing stories of heartbreak, triumph, and encouragement.

“I don’t want to see nobody get killed and I don’t want to see nobody dying, but stop acting like when you commit violence against me, I’m supposed to be peaceful. No, I’m not. I should. It’s the better thing for me, but there’s nothing peaceful about what’s happening to my people.”Kuami Zulu said.

Not every protester shares the same philosophy about how to fight for equality or the way to end police brutality, but they are in agreement in one thing, and it’s that black lives matter.

“Speak. Because there are people out here listening to us. So, we just need to stick together and keep talking and keep talking to the community.” Shay Enos said.

Another big talking point at the protest this evening was that black lives matter does not mean white people do not. In fact, a lot of these protesters are encouraging white people to use their voice and be an ally and stand with them in solidarity, but most of all to listen.

“Nothing hurts more than just not being heard. Like, nothing was on my mind more than just getting my message across that, I’m not going to be violent with you, but you will hear me.'” Kyeron Parson said.

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