Investigation of alleged police brutality finds no excessive force


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — An investigation into claims a 24-year-old college student was beaten by officers at the Dauphin County Judicial Center has found no excessive force was used and no criminal prosecution is warranted.

Jarrett Leaman was taken into custody for public drunkenness in July. He said he woke up the next day covered in cuts, bumps and bruises and did not recall the events of the previous night.

His attorney accused officers of beating Leaman, saying she saw it firsthand on surveillance footage. A federal complaint claimed officers beat Leaman at the booking center.

An investigation followed, led by detective John O’Connor, to discover the details of that night. The investigation concluded that Leaman injured himself in an attempt to break free from restraints and landed on his face. While he was placed back into custody, he continued to resist and kick at officers.

O’Connor states the officers previously in question “acted reasonably in response to the actions of Leaman in resisting the lawful acts of the officers and attempting to remove himself from official detention.”

Leaman’s lawyer claimed at least five correctional officers and one Harrisburg police officer participated in the beating. She said a spit mask was also placed on Leaman’s head, even though he was barely conscious.

Two correctional officers were suspended without pay pending the results of the investigation while Harrisburg police officer Christopher Mackie was placed on desk duty.

Mackie has a record regarding excessive force, this being the second time he was investigated for doing so.

Civil claims are available to Leaman if he and his lawyer pursue further legal action.

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