Medical marijuana dispensary to replace Harrisburg BBQ restaurant


A popular barbeque joint in Harrisburg closed abruptly after serving the local area for 30 years, but it may draw a new clientele from those with a medical marijuana card.

Saturday was Camp Curtin Bar-B-Que Station’s last day in business. It could be replaced by a medical marijuana dispensary.

A staple in the area, locals say they’ve been frequenting the restaurant for as long as they can remember.

“A lot, I mean, more times than I can count,” Christopher Brown said. “We’ve been coming here since I was a baby.”

“I’ve been here over a decade,” said Lovell Tatum. “When it first opened up, it was real good. You had the fresh barbeque smell going for blocks.”

Harvest of South Central Pennsylvania got a permit for the former barbeque joint on North Sixth Street when the latest round of medical marijuana dispensary permits was awarded in December. 

“The 23 that were issued last year have six months to become operational, and they’re going through that process right now,” said April Hutcheson, communications director for the state Department of Health.

There are currently 47 fully operational medical marijuana dispensaries in the commonwealth, none in Harrisburg so far.

“Where the Camp Curtin Barbeque was, they had proof that they had secured that location,” said Hutcheson.

There might be a solution for those missing their barbeque fix.

“I’m also trying to go back to school for business so I can open up a barbeque restaurant because I knew they were closing,” said Brown.

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