HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Newly sworn-in Harrisburg police officer Isaiah Cuthbertson says he’s looking forward to making an impact in his community.

He along with four other men has taken an oath not only to protect and serve but treat people equally too.

“Sitting up there with all those other officers, and cadets, the swear-in process I mean like I said through the whole application process together a lot of us are going into the academy together so it’s a very exciting process it means a lot,” Cuthbertson said.

The following five men were sworn in at the Pennsylvania State Museum:

Officer Dalton Aldrich
Officer Joshua Appleby
Officer Timothy Cheng
Officer Isaiah Cuthbertson
Officer Haden Landis

Courtesy of abc27’s Jeremiah Marshall

All come from different walks of life.

“They’re professional they have the knowledge of criminal law background I think they will do well because of the training they’ve already received prior to this,” (D) Mayor of Harrisburg Wanda Williams said.

Mayor Williams said a big goal is to get these new officers active and involved with the community.

“It’s important that you know that you know who you are representing and it’s important that you are out there on the street making sure that you know what community that you are in what street you’re in and so they’re going to have to learn that whole process and that’s going to take a while and I encourage them to learn that,” Williams said.

“When you have more officers in the community that care and really do their job out of the goodness of their heart you have a high morale in the community which will help citizens know that they all around 24/7 that have people that care about them,” Harrisburg City Council Public Safety Chair Ralph Rodriguez said.

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At the ceremony, there were also several awards for life-saving, bravery, and heroism presented along with the 2021 Officer of the Year award.

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