New video game organization aims to make Harrisburg an Esports hub


A group of investors is creating Susquehanna Esports: a professional video game organization that aims to make Harrisburg an Esports hub.

The head of Susquehanna Esports is looking for qualified players to compete on the professional teams.

“The amount of teams I plan on bringing in in the first year is four or five,” said Darren Moore, the general manager of Susquehanna Esports. 

“In this part of the world, there are no professional Esports teams, so it’s a whole opportunity,” said Dr. Eric Darr, president of Harrisburg University.

This group was inspired by the momentum of the Harrisburg University Esports program. The school will collaborate and provide expertise to the organization but isn’t affiliated. 

“The collegiate scene can’t go out and focus on fighting games and games with violence, but that is a lot of Esports – focused on first-person shooter, battle royale and fighting games,” said Moore.

Moore is deciding which of those games has the most viewership and traction to be sure to form popular teams. He also wants to make the company a center for training. 

“There’s no real training ground for coaches across the United States,” said Darr.

Teams are expected to be selected and ready to compete in the next couple of months.

Professional Esports players get paid to play around the world.

“It’s going to give the opportunity for local people to come in and meet the professionals, see how they play, see how they practice and even play alongside them,” said Moore.

Susquehanna Esports is still deciding on a headquarters for practices.

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