The start of August means the start of school is right around the corner, which is why Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania and Arlington want to make sure students have their backpacks filled for the first day 

“There’s nothing like showing up on the first day of school and everyone else has their new stuff. As a kid, there’s nothing more deflating than not having the right supplies or the right backpack,” said Will Thompson, CEO of Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania.

Operation Backpack is Volunteers of America’s statewide annual back-to-school program. This is the third year Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania and Arlington are asking patients and employees for backpacks filled with grade-specific supplies.

“we’ve gone through our patients, our employees, through employee families,” Thompson said. “We’ve had employees put postings out on Facebook. People from all over the country that are relatives donated. Physicians that have retired from the practice have come in and donated.”

Volunteers of America says only 25 percent of children that live in poverty graduate from high school, which is why the backpacks and supplies will be donated to students of low-income families throughout five counties in central Pennsylvania.

Donations will be accepted through Aug. 7.