HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Reaction to the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been split. On Tuesday, Gov. Wolf made it clear where he stands.

“Justice Barrett’s confirmation is an attack on the Affordable Care Act and it’s an attack on reproductive rights. But I want Pennsylvanians to know that I’m going to do everything in my power as governor to protect their health care access,” Gov. Wolf said in a tweet.

Wolf is far from the only Pennsylvanian to have an opinion, and both sides believe it’s life or death.

“The human being in the womb is a person and should be protected,” said Michael Geer, president of Pennsylvania Family Institute.

“I think it’s clear. Abortion is healthcare,” said Emily Callen, executive director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates.

It’s pro-life, pro-Barrett for the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

“If Gov. Wolf is scared about what that might mean for what he calls reproductive rights — and what that really means is a pro-abortion position — than maybe the Constitution is not so explicit on that issue,” Geer said.

For Planned Parenthood, the true issue lies within Jude Barrett’s potential actions.

“Amy Coney Barrett’s judicial record, writings and her views are clear. She’s a direct threat to our reproductive health and rights,” Callen said.

Callen said politicians and courts have no place in decisions about a woman’s body.

“We believe that every person deserves access to the healthcare that’s right for them, and decisions about pregnancy are deeply personal,” Callen said.

It’s deeply personal for conservatives, too. Geer hopes Justice Barrett will help overturn Roe. V. Wade.

“When people consider that death toll of human-beings in the womb, whose lives were taken as a result of that Supreme Court decision, there are a lot of people that say this is just way out of balance,” Geer said.

Balance is something we’ve lacked this year –divided as ever. Geer believes Judge Barrett will help get the court back to the basics.

“I hope it stays tethered to the Constitution. That’s what conservatives really want,” Geer said.

It’s not what Planned Parenthood wants.

“It’s been over 200 days since there’s been any additional COVID relief, yet this confirmation got done in less than 40 days,” Callen said.

Even if Roe V. Wade is overturned, it will be up to each state to decide if abortion will be legal.