Police: suspected serial arsonist arrested after setting fires in Harrisburg and Marysville


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — 29-year-old Tyler Kapp was arrested after officials say he started a string of fires in Harrisburg and Marysville.

“Every time a fire is set in the city of Harrisburg, both the citizens of the city and our firefighters are in danger,” Chief Brian Enterline of Harrisburg Bureau of Fire said.

Between May and June, firefighters were on high alert after several fires were intentionally set.

“These were really crimes of opportunity with trash and items like that that were outside of the building set on fire,” Enterline said.

Officials say Kapp quickly became a suspect.

“He was witnesses at every fire we were at and actually wanted to lend a hand to a few of the fires as well,” Enterline said.

Before Kapp could be arrested, the fires in Harrisburg stopped.

“Come to find out, he had moved back to Marysville and on June 19, he allegedly set two fires in Marysville where he was caught on video again,” Enterline said.

That was the break police needed to find and arrest Kapp. He is now facing several charges, including aggravated arson.

“The persons endangered included a toddler in one of the fires,” Fran Chardo, Dauphin County District Attorney said. ‘Every life is valuable but this individual endangered a toddler.”

Chief Enterline says most of the fires happened close to a fire station, so crews were able to put them out before anyone got hurt.

“I believe that anytime we can take a criminal off the street, those of us in public safety can sleep a lot better at night, and having an arsonist off the streets, the residents of Harrisburg will be able to sleep better at night as well,” Enterline said.

Kapp is currently being held in Perry County Prison.

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