Renovated Harrisburg playgrounds to open soon


After an entire summer of construction and half a year of planning, five city parks are getting ready to reopen with eco-friendly features. 

“Each park had significant issues. ADA issues, drainage issues, equipment that was really unsafe for children,” said Kevin Sanders, Director of Harrisburg Parks and Recreation. 

Harrisburg has a well-documented history of flooding and standing water, and the parks were major offenders for holding onto pollutants. The new parks have inlets and water gardens for stormwater management. 

New equipment was also needed. There’s a state-of-the-art basketball court at the Cloverly Heights Park that has a stormwater garden built underneath that also filters out pollutants. 

If crews don’t experience another washout, parks and rec officials hope to have Cloverly Heights and possibly a few other playgrounds opened before Labor Day. 

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