Road crews gear up for winter storm


Road crews for local municipalities are getting ready for the first snow storm of the winter season.

A five-person crew in East Hanover Township will apply road salt in neighborhoods and intersections followed up by plowing, if necessary.

The township has more than 60 miles of roadway, and many roads don’t have a lot of traffic.

“When you salt a road, you need a certain amount of traffic to churn it up, to create a slush on the road to help melt it quickly,” township manager Paul Cornell said.

In Harrisburg, secondary roads and neighborhood streets can create some issues.

“Because it’s less traveled and the salt does not work, we have to go past the area two or three times to get rid of the snow or ice,” Public Works deputy director David West said.

Once the storm hits, leaf collection in the city will stop. If it gets really bad, trash pickup teams will work snow removal shifts.

Residents who live along narrow streets are asked to park their cars close to the curb.

“We get calls from people that say that our streets are not plowed, but we can’t get our equipment through the streets to plow,” West said.

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