Rodents take over Steelton woman's home

STEELTON, Pa. (WHTM) - Rodica Mihalis has been complaining about mice in her home for three years. She claims the problem is coming from a neighboring property on North Second Street.

The borough wants to help, but the council may have to change laws to do so.

Mihalis says she has seen over 200 mice in her home in the past three years.

"It really, really got bad at the beginning of this year, when it got cold," she said.

She believes the issue started when her neighbors used mice to feed snakes. Those neighbors have left, but the mice seem to have stayed behind.

Mihalis says she has spent thousands on mice traps and extermination services.

After Mihalis complained about the unwelcome guests for years, Steelton Mayor Maria Macinko says the new codes officer finally addressed her complaints.

"The borough manager sent a letter to everyone in that block to determine whether or not anyone else was having an issue, and after that, they went out and issued a citation," Macinko said.

The next step is to fine the property, but the law does not require them to fix the mice problem. 

"The people that live there have to keep up with properties too, and unfortunately we don't see a lot of that happening," Macinko said. 

There isn't a fine for infestation violations. Both the mayor and the council plan to make changes to property maintenance codes, like requiring landlords to report who their tenants are and increase fines for violations. 

"We are a world in transition, and we need to make new laws to basically address new problems," Mihalis said.

Macinko hopes the council will pass the code changes in the coming weeks. The house in question is set to be inspected in June.

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