The Milton Hershey School hosted the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of ASIS International annual seminar. This year’s topic was school safety.

“In the case of a school shooting, most school shootings are over before the police get there, so it’s very important that the school districts understand what to do in the first phases of an emergency,” said John Sancenito, a local security expert.

The event discussed school shootings and the different ways educators can protect students. The seminar also focused on behavioral assessment and how educators can look for red flags to identify students who are having trouble before there is a tragedy.

“That is something that is definitely something that is continuing to evolve in school safety. There’s going to be a lot of takeaways as we go on, not just with us but multiple other school districts as they look at this,” said Rick GIilbert, head of security at the Milton Hershey School.

The event also encouraged increased communication between schools and communities.

“Seminars like this are very important to bring all of these different communities together, get them talking with one another, and understand what their role is in an emergency so they can better work together and make for safer schools,” said Sancenito.