Several guitars stolen from Harrisburg recording studio


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Green Room is a recording studio where artists around the world who come to Harrisburg, play their music and create a record. Despite the small sign out front, you wouldn’t know the building was dedicated to creating jams.

Studio owner Derek Euston came to work Monday morning and discovered the front door open along with a broken window.

“Your mind is racing, taking in inventory because there are some irreplaceable things and sentimental value,” Euston said.

Within minutes, he realized 12 guitars were missing.

“Every guitar along the wall, that was in a case, was just gone and it was obvious because there was a nice line up of guitars that were a pretty permanent fixture over the years,” Euston said.

Green Room estimates around $30,000 in value was lost. Studio partner Matthew Holmes says he personally lost some of his most prized guitars that carry sentimental value.

“The very first guitar my dad ever got me when I was 13,” Holmes said. “Definitely guitars that were all over the world and we’ve written thousands of songs with them.”

Green Room did not have security cameras previously installed but quickly did so after the break-in.

“Being in business for 15 years, you kind of just get comfortable and I hate to say it, but complacent, and things are operating smoothly and then, all of a sudden, you just have this major disruption and it sets you on a new path of business practices,” Euston said.

Harrisburg police say the investigation is ongoing while Green Room has posted photos of the stolen guitars.

They say they aren’t looking to press charges but are just hoping their guitars make a safe return.

If you have any information regarding the case, contact Harrisburg Bureau of Police.

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