Solution underway for Suez customers with brown water


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Suez Water flushed pipes along Dover Road off of Linglestown Road and the surrounding area on Wednesday. Workers will be back out Thursday and anticipate the problem causing brown water for certain customers to be fixed by then.

About 50 hydrants will be flushed. Water will not be shut off to anyone affected in Lower Paxton and Susquehanna townships, but the flushing may cause additional discolored water for even more people.

If that happens, let your cold water run, and it should clear within a few minutes. The company says the water is safe.

“It stirs up harmless minerals inside the pipes, typically iron particles. That’s what causes the discoloration of the water, so it is not a health risk, but a taste and odor issue,” said Tom Hubbard, of Suez Water.

The company believes an unassociated contractor working in the township illegally accessed one of their fire hydrants. Suez Water will not say who or what hydrant, as they continue to investigate.

Denean Bressi says she’s had problems for weeks and was never given a definitive answer as to the cause.

“First the water heater, then it was they were flushing the lines, then it was the construction on Linglestown Road, then a fire hydrant, then a water main break. I mean, it’s been constantly a different reason,” Bressi said.

The company did not send out mass notifications to customers but rather dealt with its concerns on a one-on-one basis if anyone called to complain.

If more flushing is needed beyond Thursday, the company says it will let customers know.

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