Suez Water to flush system amid complaints of brown, discolored water


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Suez Water will conduct “directional flushing” to its system in Lower Paxton Township following abc27 News’ inquiries into what is causing continued discolored water for customers.

Last week, damaged and vandalized fire hydrants led to discolored water in Susquehanna and Lower Paxton townships.

This week, the problems have persisted for Steve Moses, who says after a nearly-ruined July 4th gathering due to unusable water, he wants Suez to communicate more with customers.

“When there’s issues, when they have a problem on their water network, they should inform customers in a timely manner,” said Moses. “Customers need to be educated and informed of what’s happening.”

Just minutes away from Moses’ home, Denean Bressi has had problems for weeks. She showed us a picture she took May 30 of her tub filled with brownish-yellow water.

“At first, [Suez] said maybe it’s your water heater. Not everybody’s water heater dies at the same time, so that’s not it,” said Bressi, who’s also upset at the lack of explanation and contact with Suez representatives. “Nothing that is concrete to say this is the problem, we know what to do to fix it, this is what we’re gonna do.”

We were able to speak with Suez spokesman Steve Goudsmith, who said the company did not send out mass notifications to customers but rather dealt with their concerns on a one-on-one basis if they called to complain.

Goudsmith said the company believes an unassociated contractor working in the township illegally accessed one of their fire hydrants, which they said is the largest contributor of the continued discolored water (Goudsmith did not confirm a specific contractor or hydrant location).

Goudsmith explained the company did not give permission for any outside entities to access the hydrant in question. Hydrants are sensitive pieces of equipment that Goudsmith explained can cause an upset in a water system when they are used in the wrong manner.

As a result of the continued poor water quality, Suez crews will conduct what’s called “directional flushing” for two days starting Wednesday morning. The company is confident the flushing will work and that proper service will be restored.

Customers are urged to wait until after the company’s flushing this week to flush their home systems. That is best done by letting cold water run for at least an hour.

Customers are warned that this week’s work may cause additional discolored water for even more residents, but it should subside soon after. Before flushing the system this week, crews will also repair a leaking valve.

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