HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Following autopsy results that showed Ty’Rique Riley died of natural causes, his family still wants more reforms enacted at Dauphin County Prison.

The family says they remain a united front and are seeking changes to benefit more than just the family member they lost.

Ty’Rique Riley’s cousin, Lamont Jones, says he was caught off guard when Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick announced the autopsy results.

“We’re not medical doctors so we don’t know. We couldn’t tell all these ailments that were going on inside Ty’Rique,” Jones said.

The autopsy found blood clots in one of Riley’s arteries leading to the brain, brain swelling, and compromised kidneys, all of which, Hetrick says, already existed when he was arrested on June 18.

“That infection in the brain was happening before that and that’s why I think he was acting the way he was,” Hetrick said.

Even though the family accepts Riley may not have been beaten to death, they are still skeptical as to what happened in the time between Riley’s placement in a restraint chair and his death at the hospital days later, July 1.

The family strongly believes there needs to be a reform to certain existing policies, especially revolving around medical practices for new inmates.

“If someone has an ailment, if someone is addicted to drugs and high on drugs, there’s a difference between treatment and punishment,” Jones said, adding, “Though I may have committed a crime, I need to be treated first to make sure that my life is taken care of first.”

“It’s just not Ty’Rique’s best interest, this is a public issue,” Jones emphasized.

Dauphin County District Attorney Fran Chardo says he is reviewing the coroner’s report, which is the last part of the investigation.

He said Thursday his review of the case should end soon.