Vigil marks 40th anniversary of Three Mile Island accident


Protestors gather at Three Mile Island every year at the exact time of the 1979 accident, but this anniversary year, they seemed extra energized.

Just before 4 a.m., a candlelight vigil and moment of silence marked the exact time of the accident that is still the worst nuclear disaster in American history. Radiation was released and the area was in panic and confusion for several days. The government and the company were unclear about the severity of the incident.

The protesters insist it was worse than reported, that it caused increased cancer in the region.

Activist Gene Stilp was arrested, although it was a planned, peaceful and intentional arrest.

“This just an example of what you have to do sometimes,” Stilp said.

“It is important to commemorate what caused south-central Pennsylvania to almost become inhabitable,” said Larry Arnold, a vigil attendee. “We were within 30-45 minutes of a full unstoppable uncontained nuclear class-9 meltdown.”

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